Kitty Kickers!

The Original 15″ Kitty Kicker Cat Toy

Cats love these! Catnip plus a long slender body make these perfect for “kicking” while they enjoy licking/biting this toy!

Pet Cube

I have 4 of these! These are great quality cameras that allow you to check in on your pets anytime: while you’re out shopping, at work, or even on vacation! This particular model featured has night vision so you can see what is happening after it gets dark. These are also useful as an indoor security camera! You can get alerts when motion or sound is detected. Pet Cube also offers other models and a subscription to store videos.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Non Slip Non Toxic Fun Healthy Feeder

This type of bowl is ideal for dogs who like to “wolf” down their food. With certain breeds, that can spell trouble: “bloat” is a serious life threatening condition that can be brought on by eating too fast, among other things.

Catit Water Fountain

Keeping your pets hydrated is so important, and that’s why I have one. Water fountains are the best option as it keeps the water circulating so it does not become stagnant. Be sure to grab a couple of refill filters, so you can provide clean water for a couple of months before reordering. Each filter lasts about 30 days. Just be sure to give the unit a good cleaning every week to prevent mold.

Rubber Lint Brush

I find that rubber lint brushes are better than the “sticky” type rollers. These rubber brushes do a pretty good job at picking up hair from furniture or cat trees, etc.

Pawprint App

Keep tabs on your pet’s medical records with this great app. You can also request records from your vet so they are automatically added to the pet profile. (Visit link with your mobile device)

Cat Washbench

I purchased one of these benches and I found it fairly easy to put together by myself. It allows you to put your cat’s litter box in a room where you may not normally want to put one (for aesthetic reasons). This is a great addition to your home which allows your cat privacy and also functions as a table if you want to place things on top.

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